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Friday, I’m happy…

I have had the same dishes for about 10 years or so.  Nice dishes that a friend gave me one Christmas. So I don’t need new dishes…but I want new dishes.  About a year ago I saw a picture of some dishes that I sorta fell in love with.  Can you love dishes?  I don’t know but I really like them…a lot!

I kept the picture on my Pinterest page on the board “I Want”.  They are the only things on that board.  What can I say I am pretty happy with what I have…although there is a rug I really want.  Maybe when I do my taxes I’ll get the rug.  Anyway back to the dishes.

Pfaltzgraff had a sale and I ordered them.  They came Wednesday.  I put them in the dishwasher and cleaned the cabinet.  Yesterday I put them away.  The cabinet looks so pretty with these colorful cheerful dishes.  They weren’t expensive but they make me feel like a woman of means.

269582727664965742_B0N2sU8U_cAren’t they beautious?!

Today, I think I made a good decision to spoil myself a little.

26 thoughts on “Friday, I’m happy…

  1. Very nice pattern! Does’t it feel great to be able to give yourself something you really really wanted, on sale!

  2. Gosh, these are GORgeous!
    I love dishes too. That’s why I have six sets. Four sets of white ones, of which one is square, a grape design set, a black and white set, I hate using paper plates.

  3. Good choice! I am a dish person too. I sometimes wish my dishes would wear out so I can get new ones. The ones I have I have had for quite a while and I would just love to get some of the square ones. One of these days….

    1. If I had my druthers I would have lots of different dish sets. One for every season and holiday. But I am happy with these. I like the square ones, too. They are sort of Asian looking.

  4. They cheer you up just by looking at them ! I think I need to spoil myself today – mmmmm- have to give that some thought !!

  5. Yay, Patricia! It’s great when we LOVE the stuff we use each day and have stuff around that makes us SMILE. (As long as we don’t accumulate to the point of suffocation. Sounds like you’re in no danger of that.)

    1. I do have to be careful about the accumulation thing. But I am going to try to sell my old dishes–if that doesn’t work Goodwill here I come.

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