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Thursday, J is for jovial…

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I like jovial people.

Jovial people like people.  Not everyone does.  They do.
They like good company and social occasions and having fun.
Most jovial types are themselves fun.  When they are around pretty much everyone has a good time.

I, myself, am not a jovial person.
I like good company and fun but not so much social occasions.
Some people think I am funny;  but I don’t think I am what you would call fun.
I am a bit too boring to be jovial.


Today, I think life would be very boring without jovial sorts to get the party going.

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14 thoughts on “Thursday, J is for jovial…

  1. I like jovial people, and I try to be one–for about two hours a week. It takes a lot of energy when I really just want to be quiet! 🙂 Great J word–happy J day!

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