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Monday, M is for motivated motivators…


I like motivated people.

They not only talk about doing things they actually get things done. 
And they tend to motivate others.
Sometimes just talking with someone who is motivated gets me moving beyond the thinking stage.
Not always…really not often…but sometimes.  
Anyway, people who are motivated are excited about what they can do
and really don’t understand those who need motivating.

Motivated motivators never give up which is a good thing… but can drive some of us batty.
Without people who are motivated we would still be living in caves and walking everywhere.


Today, I think after I take a nap I will think about doing something that needs to get done.  Maybe.

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8 thoughts on “Monday, M is for motivated motivators…

  1. I so agree with your thoughts here, Patricia! I love and admire motivated people, and on rare occasions regarding compelling issues I have been a good motivator, but I am more inclined to appreciate such enthusiasm from afar, and then return happily to my blogging. 🙂

    1. I am sort of a “if it’s going to happen it will and if it’s not it won’t so lets not get in a tizzy” kinda person. I can get things done if they need to be done but if there is an option to wait until later I will take it.

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