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Tuesday, N is for nobody better…


Okay people, this letter of the A to Z Challenge is a stretch. But with good reason so bear with me.

I am a kid sister which means I have a big brother.
When it comes to big brothers I lucked out big time!
And today is his birthday!

He is 8 years older than me which when you are kids is a lot of years.
From what I have heard a lot of big brothers out there pretty much ignore their kid sisters.
How sad.

My big brother never ignored me.  Sometimes he took with him when he went places.
Like when we would sometimes go to this soda shop kinda place on Saturdays.
It was sort of like Arnold’s on Happy Days.  A place where the big kids went.  And sometimes me.

It was very exciting and lots of fun sitting in the booth having a coke or milkshake with my big brother and his friends.
Even though I usually didn’t have a clue what they were talking about it was great being with the big kids.
They were so grown up, you know!

I don’t know if big brother knew just how special those “dates” were.
But I am going to send this to him so now he will know.
There is nobody better than my big brother.

Happy Birthday, Bobby!
I love you.
Yes, you are still Bobby to me.

me and bobby

Today, I think everybody will understand that N is for Nobody’s better than my Big Brudder, Bobby.

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14 thoughts on “Tuesday, N is for nobody better…

  1. Sweet! We were very close in age . . . so we did LOTS of stuff together. I expect it would have been FUN to have a much older sibling.

  2. I’m so glad that you have such a great brother!! Happy Birthday to Bobby! And .. he has a pretty fantastic sis too. 🙂

  3. Wow. Your brother sure is special. My understanding is they didn’t like sissy sister’s hanging around with them and their friends as a rule. Doesn’t look good when you’re with the guys but he had a handle on it. You are lucky to have such a sweet brother. Happy Birthday to Bobby.

  4. This is a very special post, Patricia. Indeed, your brother is not a nobody. You are so blessed to have a brother like Bobby. Happy Birthday, Bobby!

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