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Saturday, R is for risk-takers…


I like people who are risk-takers.

I am not talking about people who run with the bulls or bungee jump or stuff like that.
They certainly are risk-takers and I say \O/ them.
But I am talking about people who take risks to achieve something
other than to say they have done it and survived the challenge.

Those who speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…risk .
Those who champion causes that are unpopular…risk.
People who take their faith with them to work or school…risk.
Folks whose lives are different from what is considered acceptable…risk.

These kind of risk-takers are ordinary people who live quiet lives, bravely.
They aren’t looking for pats-on-the-back or high-fives.
They ask for no reward.
They just live their lives honestly and with determination.


Today, I think it takes a brave person to risk going against the pack.

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18 thoughts on “Saturday, R is for risk-takers…

  1. I love this Patricia…it’s so beautifully said…yes…quiet, stoic bravery…not for show…upon the heart…this moved me very much. Humility…grace…quietude….all these words flashed before me. You’re a wonderful writer…thank you,.

  2. The ones who take the biggest risk are the ones who move out of their comfort zones determined to achieve their goals, They deserve our admiration and respect. Love your blog post!

    1. So true.

      Tess, are you having a problem with WP? I can get my notifications but when I try to access WP it says the sight is private and I need permission from the owner.
      Since I can’t get to WP I can’t find out how to fix this. Grrrrrr.

  3. Those people who go quietly through their day taking risks are to be applauded. Other people may not realise quite what they go through and how hard it can be.

  4. I respect risk takers. Along with the advocates & leaders, the police and firfighters, military and courageous people who keep us safe. Thanks for reminding us of these people.

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