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Tuesday, T is for trustworthy…


I like trustworthy people.

Trustworthy people are reliable and faithful.
If they say they are going to do something they do it;
doesn’t matter if it is important or trivial it gets done.
If they say they are going to be somewhere they are there;
even if they would rather be somewhere else.
  Something said to them in confidence is never repeated;
 your secrets are safe with them.

People who are trustworthy respect others;
it doesn’t matter what the relationship is
family, friend ,co-worker, client, acquaintance, stranger.

They are honest honorable folks.


Today, I think trustworthy people are not given the respect they deserve.

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15 thoughts on “Tuesday, T is for trustworthy…

  1. Thank you for helping us think about all the trustworthy people in our lives . ..and reminding us to be one of those kind of people too!

    1. I wonder how people find the cats in these cute poses. I am very glad they do. As for a book…it would be more of a pamphlet I think.

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