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Saturday, X is for xenophile…


I like people who are xenophiles.

Not too many embrace those who are different from themselves.
Often we learn to be wary of those who look and speak differently than we do.
Sometimes we are taught to think less of those who worship differently or have different customs than we do.

Then there are xenophiles.  
They are people who  are attracted to foreign people, cultures, and customs.
They like people who are different than themselves.
They are not afraid of the differences in lifestyles and beliefs.

Xenophile  people rare.


Today, I think you are surprised I found “X” people I like.

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18 thoughts on “Saturday, X is for xenophile…

    1. This word was a lucky find. I was reading for my other blog and this word was there. God is a xenophile…He is attracted to all people.

  1. I’ve seen stranger things but I think this cat belongs to Xfiles. First time I heard of this word, xenophile. Learned something today.

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