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Monday, Y is for youthful…


I like people who are youthful.

When I say youthful I am not referring to looking young, although that is nice.
And I am not thinking of those who have the strength, stamina, and vigor of youth, as nice as that is.

I am thinking of people who do not give age much thought.
The just keep on doing what they do without moans and groans.
They continue to learn new things, skills or hobbies, a new language or about places and people.
It doesn’t matter much what it is they are learning but that they are active and interested in life.

Youthful people are like children, they get up everyday ready for a new day.
They don’t give too much thought to yesterday or tomorrow; they know it is today that matters.


Today, I think youthful has nothing to do with your birthday.

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12 thoughts on “Monday, Y is for youthful…

  1. Without aches and pains you say….hum, well if only that were true. Mentally we can make the effort, but sometimes age does matter sometimes age does get in the way, and sometimes the infirmities that come with can’t be ignored. I’ve always said I wanted to like Peter Pan and never grow old, but wishing it hasn’t made it so.

    1. Nope, didn’t say without aches and pains…said without groans and moans. Big difference. There are the down sides to aging but since there is no alternative other than dying young might as well do the best we can and live life to the fullest we can.

  2. All your posts are making me think about what I am and what I am not, and a little about what I wish I was.

    I used to be a youthful person, back when I was youthful. 🙂 But the older I got the more I lost that feeling. I am starting to gain it back a tiny, tiny little bit at a time. Hopefully I will find my youthfulness again.

    1. They have made me think about who and how I am, too. I think I am pretty youthful but I do have those occasional days that Methusela seems younger than me.

      I doubt you have lost your youthfulness…maybe mislaid it somewhere.

    1. Youthful is a state of mind…an attitude. If one doesn’t have it it can be developed. I can’t believe how fast, and big, Teddy has grown.

    1. I think it can be. All a matter of mind over matter. Of course, there are not so good days but if we take them in stride they aren’t all that bad.

    1. I trying to keep my attitude in line and stay youthful. Some days are easier than others but overall I’m doing ok, I think.

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