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Wednesday, a story of love and faith…

A Black Cat Book Review


Heaven Hears by Lindy Boone Michaelis

Lindy Boone Michaelis, by her own admission, had an almost fairy tale life.  She lived in California, the daughter of Pat Boone,  nothing really bad had ever happened.  Until June 2001.  It was then that tragedy struck.  Her son, Ryan Corbin, fell through a skylight and landed on the cement floor three stories below.  What follows is her story of love.  Her love for her son and the Lord.  Michaelis writes a heart wrenching story that is filled with courage, suffering, despair, hope, and above all faith.  Her faith, the faith of her son, parents, sisters, husband, and a world of people she didn’t know.

Days after the accident while Ryan was still in Intensive Care in a coma with massive injuries the beginnings of a world-wide prayer vigilhh began.  Larry King, a friend of Pat Boone, offered a few minutes of his program to Pat and Lindy.  They would tell a bit of what happened and Ryan’s fight to live and their belief that a miracle would happen.  They asked for prayers for Ryan and those caring for him.  

The healing of Ryan was not instantaneous, he is still recovering today, but that he is alive is a testament to the power of prayer and the love of a mother.  Lindy did whatever needed to be done to see her son survive.  She had a remarkable support system in place.  Her husband understood her need to be with Ryan even when it meant leaving him and their other children and moving miles away so Ryan could get the therapy he needed.  Her mother stayed with her most of the time seeing to it that Ryan always had family with him. Her sisters stayed in touch constantly.  Her father was with Ryan whenever commitments allowed him.   

Lindy’s mission to see her son well again was not without its problems.  Her other children felt abandoned and let down by her though they understood why she wasn’t there for them like they wanted and needed.  He husband at times questioned her single-minded focus on Ryan, and friends didn’t understand.  Lindy is honest in her telling of the years and the toll they took on her family.  She is rebuilding her relationships with them one day at a time.  But she is brutally honest when she says that if she knew what her single-minded devotion to Ryan would do to others in her family she doubts that it would change anything.

She knows that because of her parents help she and her husband were able to care for Ryan in ways that other people are not able to care for those they love.  Knowing that brain injured people often have little in the way of financial resources the Boone/Michaelis family has started Ryan’s Reach to help.

Though Ryan’s recovery is remarkable he has a long way to go.  Perhaps more remarkable is the love of his mother and how she clung to her faith in a God  and the hope for complete healing.  She has no doubt that Heaven Hears prayers and answers them…one day at a time. 

This book was sent to me by Tyndale House Publishers without charge in exchange for this review.



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  1. Mother love can overcome almost anything. I will see if I can hold of that book. It certainly is something I would like to read. And I am just going over to the link for Ryan’s Reach.

    1. You are so right. I was blessed with a mother who stood by me no matter what…and some of the “what” was difficult for her.

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