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Friday, musical talent or lack of…

Wednesday was my mother’s birthday.  She would have been 96 years old.
 If she was alive today she would probably still be playing the piano or organ.  And playing badly.
She loved playing the piano/organ.
She took years of piano lessons when she was young but they didn’t seem to help.
  She had a basic understanding of music.
 She could read music and knew where the corresponding keys were on the piano and organ.


But somehow it just never all came together.
She would happily play all her favorites.  
But none of us knew what she was playing because they all sounded the same.

We would say, “That was very nice.  What was the name of it?”
“That was familiar.  I just can’t remember the name of that song.”

My dog, Polo, loved to hear her play the organ.  He was her biggest fan.
He particularly like the Mickey Mouse theme song.
When she played that he would sing along.  
They were well suited as a duo…they had the same musical abilities.

I have her lack of musical talent but I like to sing.
In my head the words sound beautiful but something happens when they the hit the air.
Sadly, even the cat laughs when I sing.


But I don’t let that stop me.
But I only sing in public in big groups where no one can really hear me.
I did take voice lessons.  One day I will tell you about it.


16 thoughts on “Friday, musical talent or lack of…

  1. Not having talent shouldn’t stop anyone from doing anything! I wanted to be a rock star (really!) but I didn’t even have a decent bad voice! BTW I just love your gravatar.

    1. I am not sure you have to have a “voice” to be a rock star. I think you just need attitude.

      The gravatar was done for me by my friend, Janyce. I love it! I am glad you love it, too.

  2. I love this story because your Mom did what she loved, even if it wasn’t done with perfection. Too often in life we are afraid to try things that we might not do well. If we enjoy the process, that’s what matters! I love the caring tone that came across in this story, I can see this is now a precious memory to smile about! My husband has perfect pitch and a beautiful voice, I sing in the car… when I am alone! If I sing in the house the furkids stare at me. 🙂

    1. It is a memory that makes me smile. She couldn’t play piano or the organ worth a darn and she was an awful cook. But she was a funny lady…she had no idea she was funny but she was.

    1. I took a few piano lessons but I didn’t like it at all. I look forward to singing with the Heavenly Choir someday…if they let me.

  3. Music is in my family bloodline, my son taught himself to play both the guitar and piano in high school and is very talented, I used to sing in my daddy’s church but sadly my voice is not what it was and I no longer can hold a tune…lol! I sing to myself or in my car anyway because it makes me happy! Blessings!

    Shannon at I Survived and Now I Run

  4. I think we should all follow our passions (playing the piano/organ or singing), no matter how other people might think we sound. Ever see a tone-deaf kid sing his or her lungs out and enjoy every minute? Be that kid and you’ll be a much happier person. Ha ha.

    Love this post. Love the cat too and belated birthday to your mom.

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