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Monday, A-Z Challenge thoughts…


The A to Z Challenge for 2013 is history.  And yes I survived it…more than just survived…I enjoyed writing every day of it.  Really I did.  I do have to say that I am not a “serious” writer and this blog is just a past-time not work or business.  (Day of Grace, my other blog is serious and does take some work.)  Past A to Z’s were more challenging…this was my third.  I think having a theme definitely is key.  Thank you to the “team” for suggesting it.  It was hard for me to decide on the theme but once that was done it was easy-peasy.

Part of the challenge was to visit other bloggers participating.  That was not easy-peasy for me.  I did visit but rarely commented.  There just isn’t that much time in my day.  Also, commenting on Blogger blogs is for the most part, to be honest, a pain in the butt.  There is the step of adding where you are commenting from which is ok, but many bloggers have the funky word thing you have to copy down to let them know you are a real person commenting.  It is to cut down on spam.  But really if you get that much spam get a better filter or come on over to WP where the filter is great.  Still other Blogger’s comment forms send you off to +Google.  I don’t have a +Google account and never did figure out how to comment there.

The posts that I did read were very good.  Now to be completely honest here…I will say that if it was a long post, anything over 300 words or so, I skipped on by.  I am sure I missed some excellent writing but again I just have so much time in my day for the computer.  I spend lots of time on the computer, however, there comes a time when you must say enough.  For me that was passing on long A-Z posts.

The list of Challengers gets longer every year so the challenge to read becomes harder.  That said I am looking forward to next year…  already thinking about a theme.  I can’t imagine all that is involved behind the scenes to get the Challenge together and organized and into cyber-space.  Thank you, thank you  Arlee and the Team for all your time and work to make this a fun thing for the rest of us.

I appreciate all the bloggers that came to see what “Today, I think” is about and for the visits to “Day of Grace”.  Thank you for visiting and for the comments you left.  I hope you felt good while here and left with a smile.  Y’all come back, ya hear.


Today, I think I can’t have a post without a picture of a cat so here is one of Teddy.

21 thoughts on “Monday, A-Z Challenge thoughts…

  1. I have to agre with you Patricia, those Capta thingies and response/comment submission forms are so annoying. I rarely plug anything in. I can honestly say that I’ve never had a problem with spam ever on WordPress. It’s one of the reasons I love WordPress! 🙂

    1. One time I had a spam problem which originated with Facebook. Strange because I don’t have a FB account. I just blocked anything coming from FB and end of spam.

  2. I didn’t always comment here, either, but I read every one! I enjoyed it a lot and loved your theme this year 🙂

    1. Thanks. Back at ya. I wonder how many of the 1600+ made it to the end? Now to relax and put some thoughts into next year. But to be honest that won’t be until late March for me.

  3. My favorite blogs are on WP where it is EASY to post a comment . . . without jumping through 3 or 4 different hoops.

  4. You (and some of your commenters) hit on some of my peeves. When I see a post over 1000 words, I have to put it aside. Maybe I’ll go back (only for favorites) but probably not. The captcha (word security thingie) is hard. I may have some issues because it often takes two tries to get it. Your posts were good and short so it was fun. Great picture of Teddy.

    1. Blogger comment issues seem to be common here. Same with long posts. I limit myself on the computer. Still spend way too much time on it! So something’s gotta give.
      I am happy you liked the posts and Teddy is getting a big head with all the compliments he is getting.

  5. I agree with you on all points, especially commenting on Blogger. Sometimes, I get kicked out although I am subscribed to ONE blogger where I do not but it’s a huge pain signing on every time you want to comment.
    I know what you mean about LONG posts. I barely skim these. What about the bloggers who post more than once a day? Yikes.
    Congratulations on completing your themed A-Z challenge. You did a wonderful job. The theme carried through to the end. I bet you can now get a book out of it as someone suggested earlier.

    1. The commenting thing seems to be a common bug-a-boo. You would think Blogger would fix it. And long posts are not my thing. I love to read but not so much books on the computer.

      Thanks for the encouragement through the Challenge. Don’t think there will be any books but ir is a nice thought.

  6. Getting around to reading and commenting is a terribly difficult thing in our busy lives. I agree that wordpress seems to be the easiest in this regard. Never quite sure what to do with some of the other blog sites.

    1. There are so many blogs I want to visit! I try to get around to everybody at least once a week…but often don’t comment

      If my comment doesn’t go through the first time I say bye-bye and move along.

  7. Patricia, You got an A, a C an E…. Awesome, Classy, Excellent, for doing the A-Z Challenge and passed it with flying colours. I agree with you with you on Paragraph 2 and 3.

    Thank you for having both sites open to us. And Teddy, you just look so adorable. I hear you loud and clear. 🐱

    1. Thank you! It was fun. I guess I am just a bit impatient with the commenting thing. The long posts are just not my thing. Although I can get wordy now and then.

  8. Thank you! It was good to see you back for another year. I don’t like it when I get sent to Google + either, but you probably need to just get a Blogger account to make commenting easier if you don’t have one already. I had to get a WordPress account to be able to comment and still sometimes I have problems. It’s gotten better of late though.

    Looking forward to your coming back in 2014.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

    1. I was on Blogger for a while in the beginning of my blogging days…I wonder if I still have an account? I will check it out. Thanks for the suggestion.

      I will be a part of next years Challenge if I still have my ditziness somewhat under control and still make some sense once in a while.

      Thanks for doing the chores for us.

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