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Wednesday, feathers and flappers…


a young woman, especially one who, in the 1920’s,
behaved and dressed in a bold and flaunting unconventional way.

a young bird just learning to fly


Today, I think flapper was a good name for these young women
because like young birds they were learning how to use their feathers
to fly from the nest.


6 thoughts on “Wednesday, feathers and flappers…

  1. If you had been around in the twenties I bet you would have been a flapper. They liked to dress up and go to fancy places with spirited people who liked spirits. Teddy says mehiow.

  2. What a great word…makes me want to read a little Fitzgerald. Like the part of using their feathers. Missed reading you. Hi Teddy…forgive my absence…just not myself. Like the thought of being a flapper. All that dancing.

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