16 thoughts on “Sunday, if only…

  1. I have this picture in my photo file…someone sent it to me and remember when I saw it I cried. I love your posts. They always move me in some way…been away a bit…haven’t been reading…but I miss you and Teddy.

    1. We miss you to…but come when you can…door is always open. The photo does do something to my heart, too, it is very intense IMO.

  2. Amen! This is what always comes to mind when I see war coverage on the news… every man or woman out there in the fighting is somebody’s child, somewhere at home there is a mother waiting with an anguished heart. It doesn’t matter what side the child fights on, when we kill each other’s children nobody really wins. I really appreciate this post, Patricia, it says it very well. War is madness.

    1. True, there is only heartbreak in the insanity of war.
      It seems it would be more sane to just put the “kings” on a battle field and let them have at it.

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