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Monday, a mind of its own…

Do you think inanimate things have a life or mind of sorts?
Sometimes, or maybe often, I think they do.

For example…I recently had some work done in my kitchen…there will be before and after pictures soon.
Anyway, there is this pretty new fangled faucet.

It has one handle and a pull down spout thingie.
There are three buttons that control how the water comes out;
one is standard water flow like any faucet, two is a concentrated spray, and three is spray.
The thing on the right is a soap dispenser.
All good.
Most of the time.
Or some of the time.

The concentrated spray and regular spray are fine…they behave as they were made to.
But the standard water flow is a bit contrary.
Sometimes it likes to have its friend the sprayer spray along.

Now to it having a life or mind of its own.
It will act up and then I threaten it with replacement.
I tell it I have ordered a new faucet and Andy the installer will uninstall the bad boy
and replace it with a good boy.
This seems to work…until it doesn’t.

Right now we are in a battle of the wills.
Who will win?
I have a one year guarantee…so the bad boy has one year,
or until I get really angry, to shape up and flow right.


Today, I think I need some chocolate ASAP.

12 thoughts on “Monday, a mind of its own…

    1. I saw a TV show, Twilight Zone I think, that told of mannequins coming to life when a store closed. It was fascinating. So maybe a children’s book about wayward kitchen plumbing is something to think about. Go for it!

  1. Ah. Inanimate objects. We have had words. Funny as you mentioned, when you threaten action, they behave. They are not so inanimate after all. Why do they pretend and only hop-to when challenged?

    Hope your faucet gets the right ‘correction’.

    1. Definitely computers! What bothers me about my computer is that it seems smarter than me sometimes. That is a troublesome thought! It is certainly has an impish way about it.

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