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Wednesday, lots of beginnings…

I’m really good at beginning projects.
I like planning my next great idea.   
I love the shopping for the parts and pieces.   
I have fun getting everything ready.
Then I begin the project, whatever it may be, and it’s great.


Then I run into a problem.
It’s procrastination, I think.
But maybe not.

What happens is I come up with another idea.
 I start thinking and planning and getting everything that’s needed.

yayAnd I start the new great thing.
Of course , that leaves the previous great thing undone.

I have decided I am not going to start anything new until I finish the
curtain panels
cross-stitch picture
Teddy’s box
recipe book
pattern book
 storage closet organizing
guest closet organizing
hem 2 pair of pants

this is getting embarrassing so I’ll stop, although, there is more.

images (86)

Today, I think I need to finish something before there is another beginning.

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25 thoughts on “Wednesday, lots of beginnings…

  1. I was thinking today how I rarely read anyone else’s blog…between my medical stuff and determination to write whenever is humanly possible, I just haven’t the time…yet…I love your site. I love how selective you are,,,your economy of words, as though they are all hand picked like fruit from a market. The photographs just warm me so much with their humor and perfect pitch in regards to whatever you’re writing about. Your style is one I wish I could emulate. I just write…when I think of design I go flat. It’s just not one of my strengths, but it certainly is yours Patricla. Teddy, was that you who just said, hear hear?

    1. Susannah,
      Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I think whatever I am doing here has evolved over time. I am just now finding my “style”. I am happy that you like what you see here but …you have your own style and it is a really good one. Because I am not really a writer I need pictures while you are a writer and your words are your pictures. Your blog has a lot of depth to it that this Place does not. You say you just write…what does that mean? You don’t just write… you write and very well. Thank you again for making my day even brighter.

      Teddy doesn’t like that I spend all this time on the computer…he wants my undivided attention…except when he doesn’t.

      Hope you are feeling better…don’t worry about the weight you are losing I have found it.

      1. Thank you for saying such kind things about my writing. I am so touched by it. All I know is, every time I read one of your posts I want to print it out and tack it to the bulletin board above my desk. I can’t say that about anyone else’s blog…honestly Patricia. What you post are little jewels.

    1. Doesn’t it drive you crazy! I seem so distracted by what needs to be done that nothing actually gets done. Now I am off to see your post.

    1. I have a friend who is a sewer and knitter and she gets her stuff done…plus she works full time. Wonder how she keeps the momentum going?

  2. I love this Patricia, you could have written it for me! I am the same way. If I have to finish all the projects I’ve started before I die, I should live to at least 150!! It once took me five years to finish crocheting and afghan for my sister’s wedding gift… she got it for their 5th Anniversary… sure was glad the marriage held together! 🙂 I am delighted that you’ve joined us for Two Shoes Tuesday, this was a fun post, I’m glad to know that I’m in good company with my good intentions! :-))

    1. Well, I have a piece of counted cross stitch that I started when I moved into my condo…17 years ago! It is probably going to rot before I get around to it again.

  3. I typically have multiple projects going at one time (different blog Sandy’s Space), but not as many perhaps as you. Usually it’s because I need items I can work on away from home and leave the larger or more difficult projects for home only…thus multiple projects. Such is the case right now. Have a ghan I’m closing in on finishing, but it’s far too big to tote, and so have started a little washcloth to tote. Still making visits to the a-z er’s

    1. I admire that you have “take along” crafts. I cannot do that. Guess my concentration is not very good. I can only do one thing at a time even if it is waiting for an appointment or on the bus…

  4. Oh this is me too! Then when I get a minute, I don’t know what direction to go in! Will try to finish somethings along with you!

    1. What do you think you will finish? My goal is the pants, curtain panels, Teddy’s box by the end of the month. Or next month…

  5. We are twins in this! I love, love to plan and dream and think big and buy all the bits and pieces. But I lose interest before all the real work is done. The novelty and excitement wear off and I’m chasing another planning and newness high.

  6. Well, you are in good company. I started knitting a baby blanket. The baby is almost a year old. And the blanket? What blanket? 😆

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