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Friday, celebrating trees …


This is the view from my balcony.
I like that I live in a city that has trees.
It would be sad to look out from my nest    
and see only buildings and concrete.

The building with the dome is the State Capitol.
I’m telling you that so you know I live in a big city.
No, it is not really all that big but it is bigger than a bread box.

That reminds me…I just got a bread box.
Oh, the excitement of my life in the city knows no bounds.


Today, I think…I celebrate living in a city that has  trees.

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24 thoughts on “Friday, celebrating trees …

  1. Nature in the midst of all that is man-made is a peaceful reminder that we are also living breathing beings among all of the mechanisms – a nice thing to celebrate!

    Stopping by from the hop…

  2. It is beautiful to be able to look out your window and see nature. I don’t have that luxury where I’m at now. Maybe sometime in the future I will be able to indulge in that. Keep celebrating!

    1. I spend at least a few minutes everyday on my balcony, breathing the fresh air and enjoying the scenery. Life is a celebration!

  3. You’re funny! Love the cat and happy for your trees. There are only a few where I live. 🙂

  4. Lucky you have trees. Generally I like the older parts of my city which has mature trees. Most houses here–in the suburbs–have some kind of tree in their front yard. I couldn’t live in a concrete jungle.

    Love the white cat.

    1. It is sad when developers cut all the trees down before they start building. I think that is changing though. Changing but very slowly.

  5. I am so happy that your big city has trees! I could not survive in a concrete jungle. How I wish we had more trees here, and not of the scrubby mesquite bush variety! 🙂 That is the one thing I loved most about Savannah, GA when we vacationed there in April, the whole downtown area is built around massive park squares full of trees, benches, walkways, grass, squirrels… you get the picture! Many folks from surrounding offices were out in the parks enjoying their lunches – how wonderful! When old trees die there, they are replaced. If only we were all that conservation minded! I think you have a lovely view from your balcony. I’m sure Teddy enjoys it too! Breadboxes are something to celebrate too… especially if it prevents feline children from sampling the bag of bread. I’ve had that happen! 🙂

    1. I am not too far from Savannah…we have the same kinds of trees. Old southern cities are more tree friendly than a lot of other places. Teddy loves the balcony. He will stay out there for hours..At first I was afraid he would fall off because he would lean over the edge so far. But he seems to know that it is a loooong way down and now that he is older he is more cautious.

  6. That is a pretty picture. I feel the same way about trees. I live in a small town (less than 50,000 people). I love where I live, but I really enjoy driving to cities now and then.The ones with trees and pretty parks with old historical downtown areas with quaint little shops and little flowerbeds tucked in here and there are my favorite types of cities.

  7. Wonderful to live in a city full of trees, especially one that is bigger than your exciting new breadbox 😀 You are a funny one. Johannesburg, the city I live in, is known as the largest man made forest in the world. There would have been precious few trees here originally – just bush, grasslands and thorn bushes but now, it’s like looking out from your balcony.

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