18 thoughts on “Sunday, what you don’t know…

  1. Sadly, I do already know what I’m forgetting, it happens often – it’s funny at times, but kind of scary too! Soon I think I will need to wear a name tag and address tag like my furkids do… or maybe a microchip!

    1. I know just what you mean, Josie. I can walk out of my office go about 10 feet and forget why I left my desk. Maddening!

    1. I would like to recognize I was becoming senile so I could take care of stuff before I was completely senile. But for the most part I think it would be good not to know.

    1. So they say. Question, Patricia, when I click on your name a box comes up that says Google cannot find sugar and spice. Is the blog gone or private?

    1. I think I agree as long as someone is taking care of me…I wouldn’t want to be wandering the streets. Sometimes I feel like the cat looks!

    1. I think I could find a more comfortable chair. But then cats have no problem making themselves comfortable wherever they are.

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