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Thursday, asking for help…

This is something I don’t usually do, actually I don’t think I have ever done something like this.
So it’s a first time thing.

There is a place that has a big part of my heart.


(you can click on the banner to learn more about it)

This is a no kill shelter.  It gives a home to cats and dogs forever if they are not adopted.
I have know about Pet’s Inc for a long time.
But it was in 2005 when my brother died that they became part of my heart.
Will had 5 dogs.  They were his children.  They were now orphans.
I live in a condo and couldn’t take them and needed to find a place for them quickly.

I called a couple of places that did not have room for more dogs and couldn’t take them.
I wouldn’t give them to a place that would keep them for two weeks and if not adopted euthanize them.
I just could not do that.

Then I called Pet’s Inc.
They didn’t have room.  I told them my story.  They made room.
Not only did they make room;  
one of the volunteers went to Will’s house (for a week) and fed the dogs until we could get 
them rounded up and transported to the shelter.

They helped me more than they will ever know.
I can not thank them enough for their help and for their care and compassion for animals.
It was hard losing my brother and I could not bear the thought of having the dogs euthanized.

Pet’s Inc. is now in a national competition to win money, $100,000, to build a dog park.
They are in one of fifteen cities that have a chance to win this amazing gift.
They need votes!
Will you vote?

Click on the badge to vote.    You can vote everyday.
Click on the badge to vote.
You can vote everyday.

Today, I think we have chance for dog park at Pet’s Inc., please help.

Teddy and I thank you.


17 thoughts on “Thursday, asking for help…

  1. I voted finally. I was going to do it the other day and got sidetracked. Is this in your sidebar somewhere so I can find it everyday?

    Have a fabulous evening. 🙂

          1. You just never know. Your story about your brother made me cry. I’m weepy right now, but when you said someone came over to feed them, the dam came down. There is still, despite how it seems, so much goodness left in the world.

            1. The last few years of my brother’s life were sad so his death, though difficult for me, was a release for him. So really a happy ending…and happy for the dogs, too. Yes, there is much goodness in the world…we just hear about the bad more often.

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