9 thoughts on “Sunday, becoming and being…

  1. I love that you had gift cards…I really think one makes a great gift. To cruise into a store and come out without draining your wallet is a wonderful thing. And all that cat food Teddy made quite a score 🙂

    1. OOPS …I was replying the previous post however, all the dads I know are doting and completely dazzled to be fathers. I’m always a little envious at that Papa Bear syndrome that I never experienced.

            1. Mine was kind just so, so unwell in his drinking habits. Just wasn’t emotionally available. Don’t hold it against him. He was such a sad creature (:

    2. I think gift cards are great, too. One Christmas in an exchange someone gave me a GC to Piggly Wiggly. I thought it was wonderful. Others didn’t but I shop there every week and it was a very thoughtful gift.

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