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Monday, one family’s journey…

A Black Cat Book Review


Road Trip to Redemption by Brad Mathias

The Mathias family are a normal family with the usual problems…and some not so usual ones.  This is the story of how they came apart and what they did to put the family back together again.  Brad Mathias tells their story with transparency and honesty; and sometimes  it is painful to read.

There was an “almost divorce” that caused some problems but it seemed that was behind them and life was good.  There weretrip some rough patches with the kids, Jessica, Bethany, and Caleb but nothing serious…or so parents Brad and Paige thought.  It did seem that the outgoing friendly Bethany was changing.  Dressing differently, argumentative, secretive, rarely smiling; but this was all normal teenage stuff.  Right?  Wrong!

When Brad and Paige learned of what happened to Bethany, how she was trying to deal with it, and how it was affecting the family they knew their family needed help.  As Christians their first step was to go to the Lord and follow His leading.  There were no overnight revelations or cures.  It was a time of reflection, prayer, talking, seeking.  Brad knew he needed to make some changes in himself to help the family heal.

It took some time but Brad came to believe they needed to have dedicated time together as a family to reconnect with each other and with God.  Brad planned a road trip from Nashville to Western Canada to Colorado and then back to Nashville.  June of 2010 saw them packed and on their way.  Five people, luggage, snacks, cell phones, ipads, and problems all loaded into the family SUV for a two-week road trip.

The trip was not without its difficulties but it healed minds and hearts and brought them to a place of renewal and restoration as individuals and as a family.  This is a book for parents with troubled kids but all of us can learn from it.  My heart ached for all three of the Mathias kids and their parents.  They each were dealing with some heavy stuff and each in their own way.  It is a remarkable book in how it takes some complicated relationship issues, meeting them head on and just doing the best they can, all the while relying on God to show the way.75px-The-black-cat1_thumb.jpg

Tyndale House Publishers,Inc.,sent this book to me at no charge in exchange for this review.


10 thoughts on “Monday, one family’s journey…

    1. Because I am not a parent and not closely involved with teenagers, though it was interesting, not my cuppa tea. Thanks for the votes…we have lost ground 😦 we need to keep on!

  1. I love books that teach us about real life. This one sounds like it’s a good one for our times. Great review, Patricia. Without fail, I shall add to my l–o–n–g list of must reads.

    1. It is a timely book. But not one I would highly recommend to someone without children in their life. It is geared to a specific audience.

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