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Monday, 1896 in the Arizona Territory…

A Black Cat Book Review


Waiting for Morning by Margaret Brownley

Molly Hatfield feels responsible for her brother, Donny, and has taken care of him for years.  Now that both their parents havemorning passed away she is even more burdened trying to keep both of them sheltered, fed, and clothed.  They have lived in a mining town but after a devastating fire Molly knows they must move on.

In 1896 it was not easy for a woman to find work. In the Arizona Territory it was almost impossible so when Molly saw an advertisement that read,

Heiress Wanted,
Looking for hard-working, professional woman
of good character and pleasant disposition willing to learn
the ranching business in Arizona Territory.
Must be single and prepared to remain so now and forevermore.

she packed everything she and Donny owned and headed to the Last Chance Ranch and an interview with the owner, Miss Walker.  Molly had no qualms about the single now and forevermore part of the ad.  After all, who would marry a woman with a disabled brother who needed constant care?.

Miss Walker is demanding of her employees, and herself, and has her doubts about Molly.  But the two agree to a trial period and Molly goes to work.  The hours are long and hard.  Added to the demands of the ranch Molly must still find time to care for her brother.  But she is determined to be the heiress to Last Chance Ranch.

One thing Molly never imagined happening was the meeting of Dr Caleb Fairbanks.  To say the handsome young doctor throws Molly off-balance is an understatement.  She is suddenly confused and not so sure of what she is feeling and thinking.  All she knows for certain is that she cannot marry and have the ranch; and she must have the ranch to take care of Donny.  Miss Walker agrees but the good doctor is going to do what he can to change their minds.

This type of book is not something I would choose to read.  But I won it in a drawing at Novel Crossing, a website for Christian fiction.  I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it.  It is an easy read with lots of humor and a message that isn’t over done.  If you are looking for a book that is simply a good book you won’t go wrong with Waiting for Morning.

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6 thoughts on “Monday, 1896 in the Arizona Territory…

  1. Funny how a good book will entice you when it would not have been a conscious choice. Sounds like a lovely read. I wonder how Molly gets around the Doctor situation. I so hope she gets the ranch too.

    1. I like it when I am surprised by a book. I will always read a book some one gives me. Sometimes it hits a home run sometimes not but always worth a shot. And I am not going to put a spoiler on here!

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