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Wednesday, what blog peeps may be…



 One who has a passion for writing.
a violent urge or desire to write

Today, I think I like to write, and the desire is strong, but violent seems a bit over the top.


15 thoughts on “Wednesday, what blog peeps may be…

  1. I love this word! Maybe we can view violent in the sense of the pen attacking the paper, or in the case of most of us, the fingers pounding the keyboard, which I have done to such an extent that I have worn many of the letters off the keys!! 🙂

    1. I like your thoughts on the violent thing. Sometimes when I am frustrated because my words aren’t coming out the way I want I will pound the desk a bit. Maybe that is violent?

  2. I loved the first part…loving to write but yes, with all the words to choose from violent should not have made the cut. Time to bark for that park. Tweeted it yesterday not realizing I could before…

    1. You are great about the voting thing. We are so far behind but there is always hope. As for the word violent being used instead of some other word maybe the person who wrote the definition is not scripturient.

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