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Thursday, this is Tuesday’s post…


I had planned to do a post Monday night, using the word wait, and schedule it for Tuesday.
You know, for Two Shoes Tuesday blog hop.
But Monday was a brain-burner at work so I decided to wait  until Tuesday morning.

Well, Tuesday morning came and with it a look around at the dust and stuff.
I thought it would be a good idea to take care of the chores and wait to write later.
After most of the chores were done I was hungry and couldn’t wait to eat lunch.
While eating I picked up a book I started last week and planned to read a chapter.

After a few chapters of the book and feeling pleasantly sleepy I took a nap.
When I woke up I told myself I would wait to write the post until after I got the laundry started.
To do the laundry I have to go downstairs to the laundry room which is down the hall from the mail boxes.
Before coming back upstairs I got my mail.

I couldn’t wait to see the movie that came, The Call, so I watched it.
Very good movie.  I highly recommend it.


While watching the movie I noticed that I really needed to do my nails.
It could wait until after the movie but not another day.
Once the movie was over and nails done I knew if I waited until after I wrote Tuesday’s post to go to bed
I would get passed my tired stage and not be able to sleep and then I would be tired at work.
So I went to bed.  Good move.  Wednesday was another busy day at work.the_thinking_cat_large.jpg

After all that procrastinating I lost track of my idea for the “wait” post.
So, since I waited this long I sort of lost any momentum I may have had,
(and had no thoughts on what to say to y’all)
I waited until today, Thursday.

And voila! Here it is Tuesday’s post using the word wait.


Today, I think this works for “wait” although, not what I had planned…whatever that was.

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24 thoughts on “Thursday, this is Tuesday’s post…

  1. This post is wonderful Patricia! How easy it is to go through a day being distracted from your original priority…

  2. Love you sense of humor Patricia. You’re wait-day sounds like so many of mine 🙂 On the movie The Call, I was screaming at the tv. It’s been a long, long, time since a movie got me THAT excited. 🙂

    1. Well, Tess, it seems with the years my stick-to-it until it’s done has become let-it-slide until it is in the way then do it. Works for me…most of the time.

  3. Yes I saw you going through the motions, all those things, chores, laundry, nails and reading and thought how easy it is to put something off in favour of other things. I am so glad you got this post done. Now if I would just leave this computer keyboard and get dressed my day could start. But wait, maybe I’ll read one more post from a favourite blogger.

    1. I know what you mean about the computer. I have learned that the computer comes after other stuff. Sometimes I forget this lesson though. Actually I forget it quite often but I am trying.

  4. Wonderful use of the prompt! You definitely started my morning with a big smile, because this is how I am too, only you at least complete each task before turning to the next one, my mind short-circuits about half-way through and I’m on to the next thing, leaving a trail of uncompleted tasks behind! 🙂 The older I get, the worse I am about waiting… and procrastinating, until the very last minute, and sometimes a little more. But in the end you came up with the perfect post and great kitty pix, which I’ve come to depend on your for, so the wait was well worth it! Thank you so much for a bright contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday… or Wednesday… or Thursday! :-))

    1. I have the short circuit thing sometimes. I get sidetracked and forget what I was doing and I am surprised when I see it again still undone.

  5. I like how you showcased the word wait. Works for me and I do this all the time. I’ll wait to do something until later and after a few days I do it or it never gets done.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

  6. That is often a route he makes. He hauls a lot of food/refrigeration. There are a lot of packing houses in Iowa & Kansas. He hauls everywhere though, from coast to coast!

  7. This certainly fits the prompt! Sometimes it just is a time of waiting…it just is what it is.
    I really want to see that movie, too.

  8. This was so clever and visual…I saw you do all those things finally passing out in a heap with Teddy as your consort. Don’t know why my like button doesn’t come on but I hit it anyway, just so you know. Gonna bark now.

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