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Friday, celebrating the pause button…

I really don’t like to go to the movies .
I used to love it.
Why the change?


I like watching movies in my jammies, curled up on my sofa with TeddyCat.
Watching movies at home I am not limited to snacks…I can eat real food if I want.
The sound can be turned up or down, the movie can be backed-up or fast-forward.

And most important it can be paused.  
Really with two-hour plus movies these days there is a need for the pause button.    
When you go to the movies and ya gotta go the movie keeps moving and a lot is missed while you’re going.

So, this Friday I am celebrating Netflix.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

And please vote at Bark for your Park.  We are way behind but if everybody votes everyday we have a chance!

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Click on the badge to vote.
You can vote everyday.

18 thoughts on “Friday, celebrating the pause button…

  1. We don’t have Netflix here…I think! But I do get DVDs and it’s true…exactly what you say!
    I do like going to the movies once in a while though…caramel popcorn is awesome! LOL

    1. There are some movies that are better on a big screen….and the popcorn is better than at home. But I still prefer Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix there is probably something like it where you are…or not…I don’t know where you are.

  2. I can so relate. We have Netflix too and we don’t go to movies anymore either.

    I voted again. 10,296 votes. Awesome.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

    1. For what the movies, popcorn, and a coke cost I can but groceries. Netflix works for me. And thank you for voting…maybe we will move ahead in July. Even if we don’t get the $100,000 it would be great to win $25,000.

    1. Oh, do try it. You can see some pretty current movies and old ones, too. My favorites are the Indies. They aren’t always shown everywhere and when they are it is only for a few days so Netfix is the answer.

  3. I’m a Netflix fan and too like curling up at home with a film I can stop and go. The movies have gotten so expensive not to mention unruly. It’s more about the pricy fare one can buy than the film. Last time I went there was a picnic going on the aroma of fried chicken wafting in the aisles. No one seemed to care but me. No, let’s throw a DVD into the old player and make our own popcorn, right Teddy?

    1. The cost of going to the movies seems outrageous to me. It must be difficult for a teenager to take a date to the movies. I would like it if people were eating food either. But with the way some people are it would be tricky for management to take their food or ask them to leave. Maybe even dangerous. Netflix is perfect for me and Teddy.

  4. With just a bit more gray of the fur that could so easily be Teddy enjoying movie night at home in his own little chair! “;-) I so agree that movies at the theater need to come with “go” breaks! 🙂

  5. Wow. Have I learned some tips here! I like jammies and I like getting cozy and I like to run down the hall about 5 or 6 times during a movie. Perfect! I haven’t checked out Netflix yet. Hope to sometime soon. Thanks.

    1. You must try Netflix. Maybe someone will give you a gift subscription so you can try it out. I usually watch about 8 movies a month. I have seen some strange ones! Some I have not understood at all… and some really good ones. For me it is well worth the few dollars.

  6. It’s a cold, pouring down rainy Friday night and guess what I am about to do….. you got it, honey-child, netflix , me, and my honey ( he will depart after the first 15min, but that’s ok)!! Cheers!

  7. I agree . . . Netflix beats going to the movies. For all the reasons you mentioned. Plus, when dialogue is garbled, we can add subtitles.

    1. I never thought of that! My hearing is not the best any more…movies and the telephone can be a challenge. The subtitle thing may be the answer for the movies.

      1. Most recent movies have subtitles . . . click on “set up” and “languages” to see what’s available.

        If you want to learn a new language, you can listen in French with English subtitles, or listen in English with French subtitles.

        1. I have gotten a couple of foreign movies and used the subtitles. It is a bit distracting, I think, but if it helps understand whats going on I am all for it.

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