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Tuesday, it all starts with a chain…

I like to crochet.  I find it relaxing…most of the time…and often meditate while crocheting.

Everything in crochet…whatever you make…starts with a chain stitch.


You can make a chain into a circle and end up with a square.

IMAG0060 These dish cloths are a favorite of mine.  Super easy to make.

If you have more time…and yarn…you can make an afghan.


This looks harder than it is.  Just  a foundation chain stitch…of course…
and double crochet, slip, and bobble stitches.
Teddy loves this afghan!

Something that is more challenging is this baby sweater.
It still starts with a simple chain stitch…and some patience.

bigfullI have made so many of these sweaters!
They are the cutest…babies look like little roly-poly bears in them.

The hardest part of crocheting…even a chain stitch…


is keeping the cat out of the yarn.

Today, I think this works for chain(s) and Two Shoes Tuesday.

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31 thoughts on “Tuesday, it all starts with a chain…

    1. Do you have anything she made? My grandmothers both crocheted and knitted and one quilted and I have nothing that they made. Makes me sad.

  1. That afghan is gorgeous! I used to knit, and do macrame, especially in the winter months. Very calming and soothing. Our cats loved the balls of yarn.

  2. Oh the cat looks so cute all tangled up in pink! I don’t know how to crotchet or even knit but you know…I can understand why it’s so meditative!

      1. Well, I love reading! and I’m kind of art-ish and I do like writing. Not sure if it’s talent…but it’s something 🙂

        1. If you are kind of art-ish and you like to write I would say you are creative and have talent. The hard part for many of us is to develop the talent.

  3. I wish I could do this. I just can’t seem to wrap my mind around the how to do. You are very talented.

    Have a fabulous day. 🙂

  4. I love to crochet too, but after few yarn battles, my cat has learned to cuddle on the finished work, instead of getting tangled in the process.

  5. I agree with Ann you are endlessly talented, and I’ll add funny too! Your creations are gorgeous. Especially that vat-necklace. 🙂

    I’ve never tried crochet, don’t like the feel of wool-like stuff.

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth. Have you tried cotton yarn? The only thing about cotton is that it shrinks if you don’t block it well and you have to be super careful with how you wash it. Non of that matters with dishcloths though.

  6. Wow! You were indeed on the ball and ready with your “chains” post!! I love to crochet too, and you’ve done some beautiful pieces here! That baby sweater is absolutely adorable! I have some wonderful patterns for tiny baby booties and shoes, and I used to make crochets snowflakes in abundance for Christmas gifts. I have no doubt that with Teddy in the house your projects end up much as mine… with lots of love and a little fur stitched right in! 🙂 How furkids love a ball of yarn, they can turn it into spaghetti in no time flat!

    This was an awesome and very clever contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday… thank you for starting my morning off with a big smile! 🙂

    1. I have made snowflakes, too. They look pretty on a tree or hanging in a doorway or window. Have you ever put glitter on them? I think I may try that this year. I have to watch Teddy closely because he wants to eat yarn. I caught him at it and pulled a long piece out of his throat. What I don’t need is a sick cat and a big vet bill.

      1. I have seen the snowflakes with glitter… the sparkly rhinestone colored stuff is especially pretty! Yikes, Teddy! It might be fun to tangle yarn into a pile of spaghetti, but it is definitely not good for eating. I’m so glad you caught him in time!

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