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Thursday, this is someone I know…

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Knee Deep and Rising by Bob Walkup

This is a book of short stories about a man’s life.  A man who has traveled the world, a minister, husband, father, mentor, friend.  A man of humor and faith, intelligence, love, personal challenges and hope.  His stories reveal a man of honor and humility who has had an interesting life that he shares openly, the good and the not so good.

Bob tells his many stories in an easy conversational way.  They are down to earth and engaging.  He tells of his years as a Presbyterian minister in Floridaknee   and  his travels around the world with the Medical Benevolence Foundation (a Presbyterian ministry) that sound exhausting. And his return to the pulpit in North Carolina.  He accomplished much but it strained his marriage and made some underlying health problems worsen.

Besides his life in ministry there are stories of his childhood in South Carolina, things he learned delivering morning newspapers to neighbors,  his love of baseball, a part-time music career, hard work, school, family.  My favorite stories are the ones about Anne, the girl next door, and their love. There is one story about them and a car with foggy windows   and his father that is too funny.   The story about their first date is sweet and tender.

The hardest  part of his life to read about is his battle with mental illness.  Yet, it is probably where you get to know Bob the best.  His honesty is heart wrenching, his faith is compelling, and his love for Anne, his children, and extended family is transparent.

Bob Walkup has been, and is, on a remarkable journey.  He has written a book well worth reading.  And I don’t say that because Anne is my friend!


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    1. Thanks, Susannah. Reading is probably my favorite too. But I have been spending a lot of time on the computer and though that is reading it is not the same as settling in with a book.

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