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Monday, thrift shop treasure…

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 She was just window shopping when she noticed the thrift store and felt drawn to it; it was calling to her and she had no choice but to open the door and enter the strange little place.  When she stepped into the dim and dusty shop she saw it was crowded with everything and anything old; even the man sitting in a rocking chair was very old and pointing to a table in the corner telling her, “What you are looking for is over there”.  Amused, after all she wasn’t looking for anything, she went to the table and saw only one dirty and very old thing on it and strangely, it was exactly what she was looking for and she had to have it no matter the cost

 At home she started cleaning and polishing, rubbing away years of dirt and grime, laughing at the thought that  she paid a dollar twenty-five for this treasure that was now a softly shining deep gold and oh, so beautiful.  When it began to glow and shimmer and a shadowy figure came drifting out from the spout she smiled knowing that her three wishes would be granted and life would be an infinite world of wonders.  



20 thoughts on “Monday, thrift shop treasure…

    1. Thank you, Susannah. I often wished for a genie lamp when I was a kid but now not so much. Seems like it would be a burden trying to make the best use of the 3 wishes. How would one ever decide?

      1. One good wish would be preferable I think. Right now mine would be perfect health :)..the thought of that and how my whole life I took it for granted leaves me in a swoon. Oh well…we need to make the best of things as they are. Hi Teddy. It’s early in the morning here.

        1. Teddy says you would feel better if you went to bed. Me, I am often up until wee hours of the morning. Yes, perfect health would be a joyous gift…it would probably kill me!

  1. Yes, beautiful description, Patricia!

    I can relate to this women feelings, they are the same I feel when I look into my beloved one’s deep eyes!

    Thank you, for this magic moment!

    Od Liam

  2. My fat little heart skipped up and down when I read this. What a wonderful adventure and a heartfelt story. I love finding treasures at bargain prices. The picture you chose is perfect.

    1. Don’t know why you chose to be anonymous…it’s ok… but I would like to know who you are so I can thank your fat little heart for visiting.

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