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Thursday, more than a simple love story…

Black Cat Book Review


Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

Angel was sold into prostitution as a child.  Prostitution and hate are all she knows and she has resigned herself to the life she has as the only one she will ever know.  Michael Hosea, a farmer who strives in all he does to please the Lord, knows there someone special meant to be his wife.   When he sees Angel walking down the street Michael knows she is the one God has chosen for him.  And their story begins.

No one agrees with Michael, not his brother-in-law, Paul, not Duchess, the madam of the brothel where Angel works, not even Angel.  Butlove Michael, knowing God has planned for him to meet and marry Angel is determined and does marry her.  Loving his wife unconditionally and wanting her to be happy Michael patiently waits for her heart to soften and for her to love and trust him…and God.

Angel becomes a farmer’s wife.  She learns to cook and clean and do laundry.  She learns to plant seeds and harvest the crop.  They have neighbors, John and Elizabeth and their children, who she begins to care for, especially the young Miriam and toddler Ruthie.  Yet, Angel is unable to let herself love or be loved, not by the neighbors and certainly not by Michael.

Because of her distrust of everyone, even herself, she leaves Michael more than once.  Michael always pursues and finds her and brings her home.  Except the last time she runs away.  Michael does not go after her. Staying on their farm, he waits, as God directs, for her to come home on her own.

Francine Rivers wrote this book twenty years ago.  I read it then and liked it.  Rereading it now with twenty years of life having been lived I liked the book for different reasons.  This time I again saw the love story of the man and woman but I also saw the deeper love story of a man for his God and the love of God for His children.

You can read this as a simple story and enjoy it.  However, if you read it thoughtfully and carefully you will not only enjoy it you will learn about the good, and not so good, of men and women perhaps understanding them a little better.  You will also learn a bit about the always good God.

That this book is in its twentieth year and still being published and should tell you that it is worth reading.  75px-The-black-cat1_thumb.jpg

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Redeeming Love was sent to me without charge by Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing in exchange for this review.

8 thoughts on “Thursday, more than a simple love story…

  1. Great review, Patricia… everything you’ve said makes me want to read this story. Faith and love… the two most powerful words, they can move mountains, they can change hearts. This sounds like a great read about real life characters.

    1. The story takes place in California in the 1850’s but could easily translate to today. I find it interesting that I liked it better this time around…usually if I reread a book I usually don’t like it as much as the first time.

  2. I love a good down-to-earth book that l survives over decades. This means they contain basic human love and understanding. Sounds like a timely (once again) read. Thanks for sharing, Patricia.

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