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Friday, celebrating nice…

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

The little thing i celebrate today is kind of a big thing.

I am celebrating people who are nice.

In particular a very nice man.
He is a handyman and is going to do some work for me.
What is really special about him is that he listens.
Not just to what you are saying but how you are saying it.

And he gets so excited about the work he is going to do.
All I am having done is replacing a couple of exhaust fans. 
But you would think these bathroom exhaust fans were going into the Taj Mahal.

And I must tell you this… he noticed the hall closet door had a problem.
He asked if I had a screw driver…yes, I do,.. he fixed the door.
No charge!

The only problem with this very nice man is that he is a very busy very nice man.
I will have to be patient.


Today, I think I have to find my list of the things that need to be done by a handyman.

17 thoughts on “Friday, celebrating nice…

    1. I think he likes to keep moving along. Like with any good handyman or doctor or dentist there is the problem of getting on his schedule. He tries hard to get things done in a timely manner but he is only one person with lots of people wanting some of his time.

  1. He sounds wonderful…does he travel? So hard to find someone who’s good at what he does plus it sounds as if he likes to help people as well. I’ll celebrate him today too.

  2. Yes, when they know what they are doing and they are nice too they are in high demand. Good for you for finding someone to get the things done that need doing. Love the cat in the too lbag too.

    Have a terrific day and weekend. 🙂

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