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Sunday, the trip in six…


The Trip

Here they are with friends and family to see them off.  They are not really sure where they are going but they know why they have decided on this pilgrimage.  They are going where they have never been before, uncharted territory that may be breathtakingly beautiful or unbelievably tedious and dull.

Though they are optimistic and hopeful that their adventure will be successful; filled with fun and happy surprises, good times and joy they know there will most likely be some trials and pain, sadness and hardship. Still, they are excited, and maybe a little scared, as prepared as they can be, and oh so ready to be on their way.  And it all starts today with a trip down the aisle.

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20 thoughts on “Sunday, the trip in six…

  1. Hi Patricia,I really enjoyed that story,you managed to fit so much into six sentences. A trip down the aisle…nice 🙂

    1. And very difficult to write! Two words for the beginning, two for the middle, and two for the end…too challenging for me I wouldn’t even try.

  2. This was beautifully written, Patricia! I loved the photo and assumed you were telling us a tale of two kittens off on an adventure, and in a way… that’s exactly what it turns out to be – two young people setting out on the adventure of their lives! I love your writing style, this has you all over it! Thank you for this wonderful contribution for Six Word Stories! I believe you’ve got the hang of it! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Josie. You know there almost always has to be a cat or two here whether or not they have anything to do with what is written. I have a writing style…who knew!

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