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Thursday, forever friday…

A Black Cat Book Review


Forever Friday by Timothy Lewis

Adam Colby is bored and lonely and very troubled about his marriage ending in divorce.   He cannot understand how it all came apart.   He owns a small estate-sale business and has sorted through other people’s belongings and has observed their lives in a second-hand sort of way.  What makes some marriages last and others like his fail?  

While finishing up with the sale of Gabe and Pearl Alexander’s estate Adam finds among some photo albums an album with sixty years worth of postcards sent by Gabe to Pearl.  One every Friday from the first day of their marriage until the week before he died.  Sixty years of lovefridayf poems.What was the secret of the Alexander’s marriage?  What made their commitment hold tight?

With each postcard Adam learns something of their love story, how they met, their first date, honeymoon, first anniversary, and on through the years they shared.  He also learns that there were rough spots. It wasn’t all smooth sailing but still the poems were written and the postcards sent.  Each difficult season tested Gabe and Pearl and brought them closer together and more deeply in love.  Adam finds people who knew the Alexanders and hears some of the story.  As he listens he begins to understand what happened to his marriage and wonders if maybe this couples commitment and devotion can help him move forward in his life.  Maybe forever love is not a fairy tale.

The story moves along nicely and at first the love story of the Alexanders does have a fairy tale feel to it.  But as time passes and there are hard things that cause them to struggle with their promise of “two hearts commanding devotion” the fairy tale dims and a real love story unfolds.  There are sweet moments and more than a few laughs and an improbable angel in the mix.  Adam Colby is inspired by the couple and begins to think it is possible that he can have this kind of love. He comes to understand that love isn’t always easy and sometimes hard work is needed to keep it alive and thriving.

The book is a work of fiction but it is inspired by the postcards Timothy Lewis’ great-aunt and great-uncle sent to each other over sixty years. This fact made the book more endearing and engaging to me.
It is a delightful story. 


Forever Friday was sent to me free of charge by Waterbrook Multnomah in exchange for this review.

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  1. A nice overview of the story, Patricia. No, I haven’t read it but it sounds well-written and intriguing. No wonder the author, after reading the collection of real postcards, was driven to write such a book.

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