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Sunday, dream…


As she slept she dreamed she was alone and very much afraid.  It was so very cold and dark and damp and the only sound was her breathing and whimpering. When she was a child and had bad dreams Mommy or Daddy came into her room and woke her up with hugs and kisses and the bad dream went away.  She wasn’t a child anymore and it wasn’t Mommy or Daddy waking her up.   She was awaking up not in her room but in a cold, dark, damp place, and not alone.  It wasn’t a dream.

Today, I think I am scaring myself.

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22 thoughts on “Sunday, dream…

  1. Ooooh! I think you are very good at this scary stuff. That was the setting for a true horror story or movie. You used an idea we all can relate to, childhood nightmares, and then turned it into a reality… I want to know more… or do I? Excellent contribution for Six Sentence Stories, you definitely got my attention! Thanks for joining in!

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