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Tuesday, scents-less…


I am in a quandary.  
The fragrance I have used for several years has been discontinued.
It is not an expensive perfume by any means but it has been my
signature scent.
Now I have to find a new “me” scent.

When I was young I changed my fragrance when I changed boyfriends.
There was a time when that was quite often.
When a beau and I would break up I would stop using whatever perfume
I was wearing when I met him and find something new for the hunt.

I haven’t had a boyfriend in a long time, hence, the same fragrance for years.
While I am not on the hunt for a boyfriend I do feel naked without perfume.
I have tried different lotions and cologne but nothing has been quite right.

I am a little fussy I will admit.
I don’t like real flowery scents.  A trace of flowers is good though. 
And I refuse to wear food smells!
Well, vanilla undertones is okay but no cucumbers or cherries or apples or peaches…

What I do like is in the oriental,,,think incense
sandalwood, jasmine, amber, balsam…

I never had this problem of discontinued fragrance before.
I guess my boyfriends were sort of transient.


Today, I think I have a dilemma…I am not only ditzy but scents-less.

Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.
Click on the shoes to see what others have to say.

24 thoughts on “Tuesday, scents-less…

  1. I love perfume and scents,they are my best thing! I don’t wear make up but I do love to wear a scent. I’m trying out different fragracences at the moment and doing the whole shebang of layering shower gel,body lotion and then perfume. Im toying with the idea of a signature scent! My favourite thing is trying on perfume,I just love nice smells! It made me smile when you described changing your scent with your boyfriend,logical I guess! I hope you soon find a new acceptable perfume,it’s a shame that your favourite scent has been discontinued,I would be a bit ouch if that happened to me. Happy scent hunting/discovering 🙂

    1. The scent hunting is getting to be a bore. I think I am over thinking the whole thing. There are tons of really beautiful fragrances out there. Maybe too many for someone like me.

  2. Although I can’t wear perfume due to allergies, I love people who have a signature scent, and I have good memories connected with folks who did… my mother, my grandmother, and a few others along the way. Papa Bear wears a wonderful cologne, but he only puts it on after I have left for work in the mornings, by night time it is just a gentle trace of scent that I can breathe with and still enjoy. I love the idea of changing perfumes with relationships. I hope you find the perfect new one to match this chapter of your life, you’ll have to let us know what you choose. Thanks for the perfectly scent-sible post for Two Shoes Tuesday! 🙂

    1. Still looking for that elusive scent. Maybe I am over thinking it or something…I don’t remember it being so difficult in the past. But then the older I get the more set in my ways.

  3. I’m sorry your scent was discontinued. For me it’s always lipstick…very upsetting when you are so accustomed to wearing something. By the way….anyone who writes as well as you is not all that ditzy…scentless perhaps 🙂

    1. I don’t like buying lipstick or nail color. Especially now that I am a woman of a certain age. It’s all trial and error…most of the sweet young things at cosmetic counters are clueless IMHO. As far as my being a ditz…I am but I am a smart one. One is not exclusive to the other.

  4. I love how you changes your cologne when you broke up with a guy. That made me smile.

    I’ve not worn any perfume in years. So many people are allergic to it anymore, so I just gave up.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

    1. The allergy thing is a problem. I do have to be careful that the scent is light and doesn’t take over and cause distress to the chemically challenged.

  5. If it’s just recently been discontinued, you might scout around to see if you can find a cache of it somewhere ~ some place that hasn’t cleared it off the shelves yet. Then buy them out.

    1. Been there done that. It was discontinued a while ago and I found it on line but now that is all gone. Maybe it is just time to get out of the rut and embrace change.

  6. Timely post as I just bought a new perfume yesterday. I also tend to wear the same one for years and then I change (not because of man changes though). My new one is Light Blue. I have gotten fussy as I got older and don’t like anything overwhelming or too powerful. I used to wear a musk scented perfume but find that too strong for me now. It’s funny but when I smell certain scents they remind me of certain times of my life!

    1. I think that now that I am old(er) many fragrances are too strong. Maybe my nose has gotten more sensitive…or smarter. I have been collecting those little sample things. Hopefully not for much longer. I will say it is very nice that the biggest problem I have right now is finding a perfume.:)

  7. I remember those days. New boyfriend, new life, new perfume.
    These days I don’t wear perfume but I like a light citrus scent especially in summer, or one of those light soapy-type scents. Boring me, I’m not up to scents anymore.

    Jean Nate used to make a citrus after cologne or was it after shower spray. I loved that stuff and wore it for years and then they stopped making it. Don’t you find these days more and more of your utmost favourites come and go more quickly than in the past? Lipstick colours, perfumes, colognes, makeup?

    1. I remember Jean Nate. When I was in school it was the scent to wear! They still make the bath splash. Wonder if I should try it? We are in a culture of change it seems. Don’t get me started on lipstick and nail polish…I have such a hard time finding something I like and then poof! it’s gone.

  8. I have worn Musk since I was a teenager, about 38 years ago. It works, and I always get compliments. I like it. It goes with anything and is subtle.

    1. Some people don’t think it is important to have a signature scent…but I do. Maybe because my mother and grandmother wore the same fragrance always.

  9. Totally makes sense. I love natural smell not body odor. Lavender and basil are my favourite. Fruity smells make me ill. And sandalwood brings memory of younger days. I enjoyed reading your scent less post.

  10. I don’t really wear perfume, but I love the smell of myrrh perfume oil. I have a small bottle which is over 30 years old, and I still sometimes open it for a whiff…wonderful!

    1. Hi Dimple, myrrh is a wonderful as is frankincense. People tend to think of these as funeral things, which they are, but they are also used for healing and beauty.

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