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Friday, a surprise to celebrate…


What I celebrate this week is yesterday.

Why am I celebrating Thursday, you ask.
Well, I will tell you.

I needed to renew my ID.
It expired a year ago June.
Hey, nobody asks to see my ID anymore!

Anyway, going to the DMV is not my idea of a good time.
But it had to be done because now I have need of a valid ID
so I can do some tax stuff.

Well, Lucy and I trudged off, she stopped to get something to eat
since we would be there through lunch, you know.
We got there at about 5 before 11
left at about 10 after 11.

There were only a few people there.

My picture is sorta horrible.
No surprise.


Today, I think I was bothered by something that never happened…again.

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20 thoughts on “Friday, a surprise to celebrate…

  1. I liked this, and it’s good to have an ID, especially in the world we now live in since you never know when you’re going to be asked to see it. In New York you don’t even have to go to the DMV anymore. As long as as you send in the money they just use the same photo sending you a new one. I have mixed feelings about this since my hair could use a combing in my, what appears to be, eternal photo.

    1. We can renew ours on line one time then it’s back to the DMV. So in 10 years I will need to go again. But by then I may not need one…if you know what I mean. My hair is awful in mine! Looks like my forehead is huge. Either that or I have no hair on the top of my head.

    1. Why do we do that?! You would think I would learn it’s never as bad as I imagine. Worrying about what hasn’t, and probably won’t, happen is not the smartest thing I do.

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