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Sunday, a short story…


We’re on our way at last!
Talking and laughing, having fun, the radio loud with rock and roll.
Suddenly, screaming, squealing tires, metal crunching, glass breaking.
Then from somewhere the sound of sirens and horns, people yelling.
Beeping noises and strange voices seeming far away.

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15 thoughts on “Sunday, a short story…

  1. Oh..that was scary…and one of the reasons I’m not very comfortable driving in the city….I’m always expecting some dare devil trying to beat the traffic lights or cutting into my lane with no indicator on or any one of those silly things drivers do!!

  2. I like this, Patricia. I wrote a similar story, “The Accident” for 5SF . It is on my Fiction page. It was actually based on a personal experience, though. This can’t be stressed enough; it happens.

  3. Oh! Breathtaking, silence in it’s most powerful form. Very, very well done, a sobering thought on how quickly laughter can turn to tragedy, we never know from one moment to the next. That’s why it’s so important to love today, to say it today, to do it today. Thank you for this excellent 6SS story!

    1. Thank you, Josie. We don’t know from one breath to the next what will happen. Now is what we have… later may not be ours to use. It seems my “stories” are kind of dark. Going to try to lighten up next week.

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