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Monday, thunder hear it roar…

9906_09_44---Rainy-Day_webMama didn’t hear anything but she knew what was coming.
Even if the sky didn’t get dark and the wind didn’t pick up she would know.
She knew it was coming because the house was unusually quiet and looked empty of life.  

The kids were in their hidey-holes; Smudge behind the sofa, Brewster under the bed,  
and Holy Terrier on the bed and under the quilt.  
Better than any weatherman’s predictions they always know when thunder is about to roar.

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Today, I think I have known a few “kids” who have been good weatherman.

18 thoughts on “Monday, thunder hear it roar…

    1. Glad you liked it. I think, storms are better in the day time if they are bad but “nice” storms are good at night. No lightning for me though.

  1. Not only storms but visitors too. The cats could be sleeping on the lounge in the porch and all of a sudden everyone runs in the house, up the stairs and under the bed. Someone must have put a blinker on to turn into our driveway. We can’t hear it but they know.

  2. Holy Mole, Lucy goes under the chair I sit, Maurice growls and meows and howls, Me I will run outside the balcony and watch for lighting if there is one. You are so good in your stories, Patricia. I think you are enjoying this as much as we enjoy it.

    1. I don’t mind storms except if the lightning is too close. I live on the ninth floor above the tree line so sometimes it seems like I could touch the lightning bolts. That’s too close for my comfort.
      I am glad you like the stories. I like writing them…it is fun.

  3. Two of mine get very nervous about incoming storms too. Animals are so much more attuned to nature’s forces than we might be. This was a good story. I would much rather have my furkids disappearing in hiding than all staring at something invisible to my eyes in the hallway!!

    1. It is so eerie when they stare at something we cannot see. Sometimes Teddy will suddenly sit up and stare at something behind me…something I can’t see. Skeery.

    1. I haven’t had a cat do anything but hide…except Henry he could care less bout any storm. I did have a dog that stuck to me like glue if there was any thunder.

    1. I have only had one cat that had no interest or care about any ole storm.. Henry was a very shy sweet cat but storms didn’t phase him. Everybody else under the bed…Teddy hides under the quilt.

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