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Friday, lunch with friends…

This week I went out to lunch with friends, twice!

It is hard sometimes to just take the time to get together for more than  a few minutes.
So when there is an hour or so spent with a friend it is surely
a reason to celebrate. 


Today, I think I should have waited to buy a new scale.

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Click on the badge to see what others are celebrating.

14 thoughts on “Friday, lunch with friends…

    1. I got a scale with big digital numbers. My old scale was just that, old fashioned with little numbers that I had a hard time seeing. I am not sure I like the big numbers that are easy to see.

  1. LOL – for me I just should have waited to get on the scale. 🙂 Lunch with friends is always worth celebrating .

    Rhonda @Laugh Quotes
    Visiting from the celebrate blog hop

  2. That’s nice! I find that we have to make definite plans, basically right this minute. Otherwise we just keep saying “we should get together soon”, but it never happens.

    1. So do we. If we don’t set a day and time we will never get together. It is always a good time when we do have lunch it makes me wonder why it is so hard to plan..

    1. I bought a new scale last week because “I am going to lose weight” and I want to track my progress…or more likely my lack of progress. I always eat way to much when out with friends. It’s all their fault cause we get to having a good time and I forget to stop eating before my plate is sans food. At least we didn’t have dessert…I had that at home. 🙂

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