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Saturday, answer to a migraine…


My headaches with one of those tension, pressure, pounding pain headaches on its way to a migraine.  Hubby and his friends are in the den with the big game on the television and the sound all the way up blaring with all that yelling and rah-rah going on. Upstairs the kids have the stereo on blast and playing video games with all that beeping, bamming, slamming, screeching, pow-ing.  There is a Tom in the yard loudly romancing the cat making the neighborhood dogs nuts, barking and howling.  I need complete darkness and quiet!  Oh, where is there a power failure when you need it?

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9 thoughts on “Saturday, answer to a migraine…

    1. Yes, laying down in the dark in complete quiet and a cold cloth on my forehead is the only way to ease a migraine…and drugs. Haven’t had one in years but they aren’t something easily forgotten.

  1. Youch! This poor kitty looks like it is suffering just like Papa Bear does with his occasional full-blown migraines. Your story is the perfect tale of how horrible sound is when you are feeling so very sensitive. I loved this use of the 6SS “power” prompt… yes, this would be a very good time for a power failure! Well done!

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