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Sunday, it was fiction…

Hey, my friends,

I need to clarify some things about yesterdays post.

  • I don’t have a hubby
  • I don’t have kids
  • I don’t have a television
  • I don’t have a stereo
  • I don’t have video games
  • Teddy is neutered and does no romancing…he can’t even leave the balcony
  • I live on the ninth floor and really can’t hear the neighborhood dogs
  • I no longer get migraine headaches.

Thank y’all for the concern and kind words but it was just a fictional tale written in first person.


Today, I think that in future “story” posts I will put a disclaimer at the end.


12 thoughts on “Sunday, it was fiction…

  1. You didn’t fool me . . . :mrgreen:

    I knew you didn’t have a hubby, or kids, or a TV, or a cat that wandered. I didn’t know that you didn’t have a stereo. Now I do.

  2. You sure have fooled us because of the six sentence challenge, eh. I suppose, migraine is ain’t fictional. Noooo…. don’t put a disclaimer, I think it’s part of having fun.

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