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Saturday, the key…

keyThe Key

She and Jack have been friends since the day they met, the first day of kindergarten, almost thirty years ago.  As friends they shared everything, or so she thought, until junior high when she found out he had a special secret place that he would not share with her.  She wanted to be let into that secret place so badly but no matter what she said or did it was off-limits to her.

Twice she thought he was going to open the door for her; once their senior year of high school and then again about three years ago when he divorced Linda.  All this time and with all they shared over the years still Jack would not let her into his special secret place.  Maybe she was just meant to be his friend but never to have the key to his heart.

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15 thoughts on “Saturday, the key…

  1. Im with Josie I think there may be two different kinds of soul mates. She may not have the key to his heart but possibly to his soul…

  2. I was pulled into the story from the first few words and the title made me wonder what the key would be about. What was I thinking? Of course it had to be the key to his heart. I agree this has so much story waiting to be told. I look forward to more.

  3. I was totally engrossed and thought that when I clicked onto the story from the email alert that there would be more. Unrequited feelings,whether of a romantic nature or not, must be awful. I hope to read more of this couple in another story.

  4. Beautifully done, with a tinge of sadness. I have known one or two relationships like this, where the two involved were so very close yet never quite made the romantic connection that seemed as if it should be there. Maybe there is more than one kind of soul mate, one for agape love as well! Thank you for again providing such a well-written piece for Six Sentence Stories, you totally pulled me in to your character’s feelings, and I longed for her to be able to get her hands on that key!

    1. Thank you, Josie. Maybe you are right about the soul-mate thing. It would be heartbreaking to live with unrequited love. Maybe there will be more about them in another story.

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