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Tuesday, sorrows and surprises…

The word prompts for this weeks Two Shoes Tuesday are sorrow and surprise.
When I was thinking about which word to use for my post It came to me that I 
am often surprised by sorrow.

I expect to feel sorrow at times.  It is part of life.
Loved ones get sick or hurt or…they die.
Loved pets get lost or…they die.
Ambitions and dreams are long in coming, they fade or…they die.
Friendships change or become difficult or…they die.
There are many things that cause sorrow and I am not surprised by them.

But sometimes long after a sorrowful time when I think the sadness and aching
are over the darkness descends and envelopes me and I am surprised.
Surprised that it still hurts and my heart still breaks.
Surprised by the depth of anguish.
Surprised by the tears.



23 thoughts on “Tuesday, sorrows and surprises…

  1. We really are capable of holding on to so much and emotions really a long time!
    It’s hard and at times scary work to allow ourselves to feel those emotions fully…and then let them go…but it’s always worth the effort 🙂

  2. It is surprising how long we hold on to our emotions. I can think of things that happened 25 years ago that still have the power to make me blush. So how much more the things that broke my heart? The razor sharp edge is gone, the sting of the freshly cut wound, but the rest of it hurts the same for me. The bruising is still evident.

    1. “The bruising is still evident”. That is the perfect way to describe the hurts from the past. It’s like sometimes the scar tissue itches and when it is scratched the tender spot below the surface hurts.

    1. Forgiveness is sometimes difficult to give but necessary to have joy in life. I have found that there are times and situations when I have to forgive many times before it actually is a reality.

  3. The sorrow of losing a relative, friend or pet is heartbreaking because part of your life has been taken away. I think we are always surprised by the sadness this evokes but it is what makes us human.

  4. I could relate to this kind of surprise so well, Patricia. I like to believe that I have dealt with all the pain and sadness of my past, yet every now and then some memory sneaks up on me and I too find myself with that familiar twisting of the heart. Scars heal and life goes on, but they never disappear altogether. Maybe part of that is to remind us of how blessed our lives are most of the time by comparison. Thank you for this heartfelt meditation for Two Shoes Tuesday, it was a wonderful use of both prompts, and I liked it very much!

    1. I am glad you like my part of TST. It is true that we would not appreciate the blessings of life the way they should be if it were not for the sadness. Silly people that we are.

    1. I hope I never get used to sorrows…I think that would mean they are common place occurrences and that would be hard. A surprise now and then is ok.

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