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Friday, at last a decision…


Today is the day I Celebrate the Small Things.
So today I am celebrating  a decision.

Usually I am pretty good with deciding things.
I think and ponder, sometimes ask advice, research, make pro and con lists.
And make the decision fairly quickly.
Whatever I decide is usually fine and if it isn’t I can reconsider and do something else.
I mean really, nobody dies whatever I decide.

But this one took me almost two years to make!
And it is no big deal.  Just a little yes I will or no I won’t kind of thing.
But it took me forever.

Because, and this is silly, I was bothered by what other people might think.
That is so unlike me.

Anyway, the decision is made and I have told who I need to tell.
And the earth is still spinning around the sun.

So today I celebrate my decision.


Today, I think I will celebrate with some chocolate and wine.
I will go back on my diet tomorrow.

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20 thoughts on “Friday, at last a decision…

    1. There are several kinds. They are all red wine. Some have just a hint of chocolate and some have just a hint of the wine. Both are good but I lean toward the chocolate.

  1. I bet it feels good to have it made and done! But I’m burning with curiosity! Have you decided to dye your hair pink? Blue? I had a customer come in with vibrant blue hair and it was actually not that weird looking. 🙂

    Congratulations on a decision made!

    1. My hair is still grey. I recently saw a woman about my age with cotton candy pink very long hair. I salute her daring to just be who she is. The decision really isn’t all that interesting it was just difficult for me. Glad it’s done and I am happy.

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