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Friday, two for one…


Okay, here it is after eleven on Friday November 1 and I just found out about
two November blog challenges.
One is 30 Days of Thankful
and the other is National Blog Posting Month or NaBloPoMo.

So here is a quick post for both.
Gotta hurry cause today is almost tomorrow.


For the first day of the 30 Days of Thankful:
I am thankful I have my catkid, Teddy.
He is two years old today.
He is probably a little older.
I got him at a shelter and they thought he was about four months old
which would make his birthday sometime in October.
I gave him November 1 as a birthday because 11-01-11 is easy to remember.


For the NaBloPoMo  I will tell something about myself every day this month.
Isn’t that fascinating?
I know you are just all a shiver with anticipation.


Number 1 about me:
I am officially old.
I get senior citizen discounts.
I don’t feel old and though I think I don’t look as old as I am
I don’t look as young as I think I do either.
Just wait it will probably get worse.
I am also officially a ditz.


Today, I think this may be tricky…
I have lots to be thankful for but I am not all that interesting.

22 thoughts on “Friday, two for one…

    1. Just Teddy had a birthday this month–my officially old birthday was in the spring. Teddy is quite excited to be getting pawkisses from your crew.

  1. Happy Birthday to sweet, adorable Teddy! I know what a bright spot he is in your life, and how very much he is loved! Furkids are wonderful blessings to be thankful for! I am so glad you are joining in for 30 Days of Thankful… it’s uplifting and it’s fun!

    I’ll be eager to see what new things we learn about you this month, too! You come across as young in heart and wise in spirit, a lovely combination! I don’t think anyone is uninteresting, we just sometimes view ourselves that way. Everyone has a story to tell! I probably share too much of mine on my blog, it will likely be an eye-opening experience when my own children read it some day! 🙂

    1. Oh, I have some stories to tell but I think I will keep them the computer. This “young at heart wise in spirit” was not very wise when young. What you learn here will be censored and G rated.

      Do you kids not read your blog now? How have you kept it from them?

  2. Happy Birthday, Teddy!

    Have fun sharing your insights with us this month, Patricia. We find what you say to be quite interesting. Most of the time anyway. 😉

  3. Teddy is officially still young. Blessings to you, mature one, and to Teddy. Do not allow age to threaten your enjoyment of life. It’s only a number. I have been enjoying senior discounts for quite a long while. Restaurants are generous in starting their favors early, and I refuse to believe that they really KNOW that I’m a senior. Am I in denial? So what? Oh, let me tack onto this comment that I find you very interesting.

    1. I have no problem being a senior…I am enjoying it. I am blessed with good health which makes life easier. I am wondering what you will say about how interesting I am at the end of the month.

  4. Happy birthday to handsome Teddy and may he live 10 lives not only nine.
    I look forward to reading more about you, Patricia. If you think you are a dtiz, then you are the nicest one I know. 😉
    BTW, Teddy and I share the same birthday

  5. I’m 62 so I am old. I’m still vertical and still on the right side of the grass. That works for me.

    We all love Teddy. Yes we do.

    Have a fabulous day full of many things to be thankful for. Scritches to Teddy along with a big belated Happy Birthday. 🙂

  6. I started following you when you lose your last cat. I remember when you got Teddy and he was this little bundle of fur! My, how he has grown (they do that when you are not looking). As for interesting, I never think I am interesting either. Everyone once in a while a friend will say you did what? So maybe…there are some very interesting parts. You will just need to share them with us.

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