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Saturday, I sing but…


I am a great singer.

To have a “pretty” voice is my dream.
But it is not a dream come true kinda thing.

Even though I have a less than average,,,I don’t like to say awful…
singing voice I still sing.
But never if people can hear me.
I will sing in groups if the group is large or if the music is loud.
And I sing “opera” to Teddy.
I don’t think he appreciates it but he puts up with it.

I took voice lessons for about six months.
The coach would say “well done” and “Bravo”
She was incredibly kind…or…deaf.

I didn’t take the lessons thinking I would become a singer.
I took them because a therapist I was seeing at the time suggested
I do something I always wanted to do but never did because I was afraid.
Singing lessons it was.

It was actually a very good thing to do.
The company I was working for had some financial difficulties so I was let go.
The singing lessons helped when I went on job interviews.
No, I didn’t sing to the HR people.
But I figured if I could sing, by myself in front of someone,
I could talk to an interviewer.

Whenever I got nervous at an interview I just thought about how I sang at my lessons.
Interviews were easy-peasy.

So there you have it.
#2 in the fascinating facts of my life.


Today, I think this cat has heard me sing.

Singing Cat Photo: Google Images

Cat Critic Photo:

15 thoughts on “Saturday, I sing but…

  1. Every one of us can sing. I do all the time. Even though some may question the spound.

    singing! Keep on coding it anyway, especially if it makes you feel good.

  2. We clearly share a “talent” for singing. If I sing to my cats they stare at me like I am speaking foreign language badly. I’m fairly sure I’ve even noticed Tiggy putting her paws over her ears! Like you, I sing in large groups only, and I sing joyfully in the car. My husband has perfect pitch and an amazing voice, if I want to hear something beautiful, I ask him to sing for me! Kudos to you for taking singing lessons, obviously it worked a special magic, as any step taken to overcome our fears usually does!

    1. When I get nervous about some “public” thing I always think about the voice lessons…it helps keep the fear at bay. My cat Dolly would skew her ears when I would sing to her. Teddy just ignores me.

  3. Good for you to be brace and “go for it”!

    I love to sing ~ in the car, in the shower, in the living room, in the ice cream aisle at the grocery store. It’s one of my most favorite things.

    I’ve even sung in a few weddings, in a few bars, and on a boat in St. Thomas!

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