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Sunday, remembering…


I have never really had to do without something important,
like food and shelter and clothing.
There have been times in my life when I had very little
but I always had those three things.

There were a few years when I had to decide between paying for
the telephone or utilities or buying food.
Those were the years I sometimes paid rent with cash advances on my credit cards.
Those were years when I wondered what would happen if I lost my job.

Then I lost my job.

I signed up for unemployment benefits.
I looked for a job for five months.

During those five months I always had food, a place to live, and clothes.
I still had those things because:
I would get a note from a friend with twenty dollars in it.
A friend would call and take me out to lunch or dinner.
Someone would stop by and have a casserole with them or a bag of groceries.
When my birthday came, with all the gifts I received, it was like Christmas.

Then I got a job.
A good job…better than the one I had before.
I could pay all the bills on time.
No more cash advances on credit cards to pay the rent.

Life went on.


 I am a different person than I was before that hard time.
Who I am today is in large part because of the kindness of friends.
I became a better person.

I am blessed.
I am thankful.

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Today, I think this will satisfy both the 30 Days of Thankful
and telling you a little something about me.


15 thoughts on “Sunday, remembering…

  1. I am similar to you in that respect, I have had to juggle and struggle many times, but I have always had the basic essentials and somehow, by the Grace of God, made it thru. You are right, it changes you… for the better! We appreciate what we have, and we appreciate those people who blessed us with caring acts even more! So often God uses other people in our lives as His messengers of love! I am glad you no longer have to struggle so hard!

    1. I will never forget those days and with thanksgiving. I wasn’t happy with them at the time but I see now they were needed to teach me things I was too full of myself to learn any other way.

    1. I think many of us have had hard times. My hard times was long ago and short-lived. My heart aches for those who endure trials for years on end.

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