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Tuesday, not my favorite place…

I have been to the dentist today.
Not my favorite place to be.


Which brings me to Day 5 of About Me.

I sort of worry about going from the time I make the appointment
until the day arrives and I am there…still nervous.
I think this is because of not so good experiences
with dentists when I was a kid.

My parents were strange about dentists.
We never went unless we were in pain.  And I mean major pain.
If an aspirin didn’t make the pain go away
or that nasty gel that gets rubbed on the gums didn’t help
then we went to the dentist.  Not a day sooner.
Maybe they had a dental phobia.

I do not have odontophobia /dentophobia.
I do try to avoid going to the dentist by practicing good dental hygiene.
But I don’t not go which is what a phobic would do.
I think I just get a bit anxious, maybe more than a bit, about going and being there.

It helps that I like my dentist.
He is a nice man, super considerate,
and will do whatever it takes to help me be calm and relaxed.
The happy gas he gives doesn’t hurt.

Anyway, I’m done with dental work…for now.
I can’t complain.
Having dental work done every few years isn’t so bad.

So, I will be fine until January when it is time for a cleaning.
Not as high anxiety as facing the drill but still there is some anxiety.


For sure I am thankful that dentistry has come a long way.
I am even more thankful that the wonderful dentist I have now is young enough
that he should be around until I don’t need a dentist anymore.


13 thoughts on “Tuesday, not my favorite place…

  1. So glad your dentist is a nice man. it helps lessen the anxiety if we know we are not going to be treated by a monster. As a child in Scotland I had quite a few teeth pulled just because they had a cavity. If I could go back in time I’d strangle that nice Dr. Lyons. 🙂

    1. I wonder why those teeth were pulled? Maybe it was less expensive. I know our not going to the dentist was often due to the expense. I think dentist are nicer now…they probably have classes in being nice to people.

  2. Lucky you to have a happy gas. Teeth cleaning is a annoying, glad that’s over. And the cat pictures tell us all about your experience.

    1. Yep, the gas is a plus. I don’t always have it but when I am going to be there over an hour I do. Makes the time fly! And of course I don’t need for the cleaning appointments.

  3. I am laughing at that picture of Teddy, looks like he may have had a bit of laughing gas too! 🙂 Going to the dentist is always high on my anxiety list… fear… discomfort… and expense! I need to have more work done… I need to rob a bank first! Good for you for rising above those fears and getting it done. I once told my Mom that the hardest thing about growing up is having to be the one to make yourself go to the dentist! 🙂

    1. I felt like I was being robbed when the clerk told me how much I owed. Thank goodness for Master Card or I would be scrubbing their floors for years.

  4. I never went to a dentist until I was grown. It was the way of things back then for many of us. I go every quarter now. For cleaning and whatever else they need to do. I don’t care for it, but it’s a necessary evil.

    Have a fabulous day. ☺

  5. I know what you mean about dentists. We didn’t go either unless the pain couldn’t be quelled with whisky as a last resort. I wonder if that just was the way things were done. Teeth-cleaning wasn’t a regularly scheduled appointment either and much later when it was, it was once per year and then later still twice per year. How much I have forgotten, Patricia.
    Glad you’re good until January.

    1. Things have changed. I am so thankful dentistry is one of those things. And I agree I think people didn’t think about dental hygiene the way we do now.

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