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Thursday, the way I remember it…


 This my story for this week’s Six Sentence Stories
The prompt this week is Reach

running away - little girlOne day when I was about three or four years old  I told my mother I was going to runaway and never come back because I was mad at her.  She said okay and good-bye, seeming not at all upset that I was leaving for good which probably made me even madder.  I knew I was going to a field a couple of streets away because it was next door to my boyfriend Joey’s house and I liked his mother and I was pretty sure she would feed me.  So, off I went carrying my suitcase with clean panties and jammies in it, my teddy bear, Guy, and a bucket, wearing corduroys and a poor-boy shirt, Buster Brown shoes, and my bathrobe.  I didn’t get far before my Big Brudder Bobby saw me walking down the street, and furious with our mother for letting me runaway, he came running and with hugs and assurances that he understood why I was running away he convinced me to return home with him.  Later when asked why I was wearing my bathrobe and took a bucket I explained that I couldn’t reach my coat in the closet so wore the bathrobe that was on the bed and the bucket was for me to use as a potty so the weeds in the field wouldn’t tickle my butt.



This true story about me is just one of a myriad of reasons why
I am thankful for my Big Brudder Bobby.

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23 thoughts on “Thursday, the way I remember it…

    1. I didn’t become a protector until I was in my fifties and my younger brother was ill. I don’t think I was as gifted as my big brudder was but he was a good example.

  1. 🙂 Nice story, Patricia. It reminds me of some of the things my little sister would try. She never did try to run away that I know of or can remember.

  2. Aww..you big brudder Bobby definitely sounds like awesome big brother material! Did it last during the teenage years and all?

    I’ve always wanted a big brother..:)

  3. Tickle… that is too funny. Your brother is such a pal. And for mothers, they know for I’m sure they have been there. Lovely story.

  4. Oh this story is just too precious! How very thoughtful you were even at that age to include a meal plan and the bucket in your escape! 🙂 This brings to mind my little sister who once “ran away” at about the same age. She packed a doll suitcase with a wet washcloth and I don’t remember what other small items, then headed out our door and down to the street corner two houses away where she sat determined for some time. The problem was, she knew better than to cross the street alone, so she really didn’t have far to go. Mom was, of course, watching her out the window, and it wasn’t long before she gave up on running away and returned contritely home. I can still see her sitting there! Thanks for rekindling yet another precious memory! Thanks for a Six Sentence Story that is leaving me smiling at the end of the day.

    1. I am glad you got a smile, Josie. Funny the things we remember from early childhood. I wonder how I was feeling…was I scared or just mad. I am pretty sure I was determined.

  5. Well you had your priorities straight. I think all of us ran away at some point while growing up. Most of us didn’t get very far though.

    Have a terrific day. 🙂

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