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Saturday, brain training…


There is something I do everyday on the computer.
Even the days I am on a Computer Fast I do this.

I play Luminosity games.

Luminosity is a site with brain training games.
I only use the free version because I am smart enough to know
it would be stupid of me to spend money on games.
I am not saying it is stupid for everyone to pay for the full version
but it is for me because I have other stuffs to spend my money on
that are more important, like mortgage, utilities, food, etc.
But if you have plenty of money by all means buy the subscription
it looks like it would be worth it.

Some days I ace the games and my BPI goes up, exciting,
and some days I don’t do so well and it goes down, disappointing.
I can’t remember what BPI stands for but I want it to be a high number.


When I started playing my score was around 500.
Now it averages 1110.
There are lots of different games but in the free version fewer.
Some games I like and some not so much.
One thing I know; I am hooked on Luminosity.

But not addicted as I am to Spider Solitaire.
That’s a whole nother post!


Today, I am thankful that my brain is healthy and most of the time works well,
and my mind is, though somewhat ditzy, happy and contented.

9 thoughts on “Saturday, brain training…

  1. I never played games as a child and then didn’t enjoy them as I grew up. I DID try Luminosity once and plan to go back to the free version because of your recommendation. 😉

    I didn’t mind playing when I tried it.

  2. Your brain is very smart, Patricia. Mind doesn’t have the patience to play Luminosity or any computer game. I’m just lazy.

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