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Tuesday, testimony…

This is my Two Shoes Tuesday post.
The prompts for this week are over and always.


I am a quiet person and always have been.
But my spirit has not always been quiet.

When I was a child I had a temper and it flared often.
I learned to control it when I was a teenager.
It was then I realized anger had other outlets.

My anger was quiet…rarely loud.
But it was mean and spiteful.
I hurt many people.
I hurt myself.

People who didn’t know me then…and some who did…
don’t believe me when I tell them I was a hellion extraordinaire.
They just always see me as this quiet person and think that’s who I was always.

But you can be rebellious, angry, bitter, hateful, unkind, just bad
without being loud or boisterous.
You can be quietly sugar sweet and be the most ugly of persons.
I know this because that was me for a long time.

Life was hell.
No other way to put it.

Then one day all that was over and done.

I was given a great gift…a gentle and quiet spirit.
I did nothing to deserve it, I didn’t ask for it, didn’t expect it.
It was simply given.

I am, and will always be, thankful that God waited for me,
forgave me, and welcomed me into the family.

The past is over forever and always.


28 thoughts on “Tuesday, testimony…

  1. But, your profile pic looks so happy! I am generally quiet and nice too, but can sometimes have a quick temper which I am trying to control, I am doing alot better. I am glad that you were able to overcome it! : )

  2. Patricia, your testimony made me cry and be thankful with you for all He’s done for you and me too! For everyone who calls on His name. Thank you, thank you!

  3. Best post of the day… and maybe the week and the year too! I can so relate to this, quiet anger is sometimes far more deadly, and more destructive to the one who holds it in. I was also angry for a very, very long time in life. It’s gone now, completely gone, God took it away, just like he did for You! Hallelujah indeed! Wonderful Two Shoes Tuesday story, thank you so very much for sharing it, Patricia!! (I always smile when people tell me how “nice” I am, remembering a time they a time they aren’t aware of when I wasn’t so very nice at all! Funny thing, I was probably as angry at me as I was with anyone else.)

    1. I was in a self-destructive mode. I hesitated to write this post…this blog is meant to be more light hearted. But I needed to say it. Now back to regular post nonesense.

      1. I felt this was a really important post, Patricia, with good things to say, a lesson for us all. God can and does change us in amazing ways! Testimony is never out of place. I love the honest feeling of your blog and that I can find all kinds of different things here. We love the humor, and all the other things you share, but we love you most of all! HUGS

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