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Tuesday, thunderbox…

Do you know what a thunderbox is?


Have you figured out what it is?

When you do you will



a stool enclosing a chamberpot


a rudimentary outside toilet


Now tell me that didn’t make you smile.

Some other names used are:

a necessarium
the throne room
the long drop

In our house it is the potty.
What do you call it?

This reminds me…when I was young and dating I dated a guy that I thought… maybe… was married.
He said quite passionately, profusely, and convincingly he was not married.
Then one evening we were leaving my apartment to go to dinner and he asked me if I had to go potty before we left.
I asked him how many kids he had and did his wife know where he was.
He left, without me, and never came back.
I am thankful for his use of euphemisms.

Today, I think this will do for Two Shoes Tuesday prompts, fast or smile,
and it tells you something about me,too.

23 thoughts on “Tuesday, thunderbox…

    1. Teddy appreciates the scritches. He has had a couple hard days. Workman in and out. Teddy is very shy and is afraid of everyone but his mama.

  1. Yes, thunderbox was in my family’s vocabulary but the expression that was imbedded in my brain from childhood was “don’t forget to pull the chain” in the days when the cistern was high up on the wall and the flush was stupendous! This was a very entertaining post.

    1. Thanks. I am glad you were entertained. We had a regular toilet but quite often my mother would holler “flush it”! Seems the boys had a hard time remembering that.

  2. Well, Patricia, he did it wrong anyway. He should have said, “let’s go potty before we leave.” Never ask the kid if he wants, just let him know what you expect him to do. 🙂

    1. Now this was a fun read, Patricia! I have seen my share of outhouses, having staying overnight with rural friends while growing up. Making a late night potty run in winter was a chilling experience to say the least!

      I had to smile in thinking of how quickly and cleverly you reacted to your allegedly single date when he let that expression slip out. Certainly not one he’d be using in the locker room with the other guys! Oops! I’m glad he tripped himself up before your heart got broken. I’ve know a guy or two who were handy with slipping off wedding rings as well. I am not surprised that this guy beat a hasty retreat! Good for you!!

      Thank you for a clever contribution to Two Shoes Tuesday, I loved it! Oh, growing up we called it “going to the bathroom” though most often a bath wasn’t the intended errand. I am still puzzled by the use of “restroom” since that’ not really what’s happening there either, and judging by the trashy situation of the “Ladies Room” on our floor of the office building at the end of the day, I’m not sure we can accurately refer to those who “visit” as “ladies”! Sometimes I wonder life they leave messes like this at home!!

      1. I had a friend who was a plumber and he said women’s public bathrooms were the worst. You would think it would be the best…wouldn’t you? I don’t like the word toilet. Don’t know why…it sounds nasty to me. Around here we “go to the bathroom” in general but among friends we go to the potty.

        Yeah, the “single” guy split. Fine with me. I think he was embarrassed…he thought he was sooo cool.

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